The Future of Data and Analytics in HR

Can HR uphold their rightful seat in the boardroom by embracing HR data and analytics?

Topics we address:

The Importance of HR Data

The data that flows between HR and other business functions must be bi-directional to ensure HR maintains its symbiotic relationship within the organisation. Are corporate leaders willing to recognise the importance of HR data? 

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

The relationship between talent, cost and financial performance is one which an organisation cannot afford to leave unrecognised. Introducing data and analytics into HR functions can allow organisations to take their business a step further.

With a dedicated, central integration hub, an organisation will be able to strengthen its data quality. If data is the medium of communication between HR and other functions within an organisation, then quality data is the equivalent of effective communication. 

Elevating HR Functions

 To uphold their rightful seat in the boardroom, HR strengthens their position by providing accurate data insights.

What you will find inside:


Significance of Data in HR

Integrating and Retaining Quality Data Whilst Moving to the Cloud

Be in Control of Your Data Flows

Our specialists have vast functional experience and technical expertise in implementing a wide array of

HCM modules.


We are experienced in connecting Oracle HCM to global system providers in Payroll, Finance and Talent for customers with dispersed system landscapes through a full-service subscription-based approach.


Since 1997, Epicenter has been in the business of integrating and migrating HCM data between systems. We have a deep understanding of the pivotal role data plays in corporate strategic decision making.  


Who we are? 

Meet the team 

As an Oracle partner for over 20 years, Epicenter has made a long-term commitment to Oracle HCM Cloud and integrations. Utilising Oracle’s best practices, our consultants have a balance of functional business experience and technical expertise for whatever Oracle solution your business requires.

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